Weather Widgets

Detailed weather forecast for the next 9 days, covering the entire planet.

A large collection of beautiful weather widgets in 3 different sizes.

Widgets are availble with and without a clock. Widget displays weather forecasts for coming periods, up to a week ahead.
Weather forecasts contains details of up to 9 days ahead, and up to 4 periods a day. Weather data are provided by, and updated several times a day. How often you want to retrieve the latest weather data is up to you. Application supports geo-positioning, and can retrieve the latest weather forecast for your current location.

Detailed forecast-information includes temperature, type of weather, wind speed, wind direction, expected rainfall, barometric pressure, sunrise, sunset and the length of day in hours and minutes. With one click, you also have direct access to hour-by-hour graph from through its pages.
All widgets with clock, can also be used as a shortcut to start programs. This saves you space on the desktop. All applications installed on the phone can be started with this feature.
New widgets released regularly, and requests for new widgets or features are considered on an ongoing basis. Free access to all future releases.

Currently supported languages: Norwegian, Swedish, English, Czech, Dutch, Danish, French, Italian, Russian

Some of the available settings:
- Widget-background / 50% transparent / completely transparent background
- Launcher when clicking on the Clock
- Different date and time formats (12H/24H)
- Celsius / Fahrenheit
- Optional unit for wind speed, altitude and rainfall
- Day and night icons
- Update automatically, every 3, 6, 12 or 24 hours or manually

Weather widgets ( is an application for Android 1.5 and later which automatically collect the latest weather forecasts from and presents the forecasts in details for the next 9 days or summarized in widgets. Forecast information includes: Temperature, Weather type, Percipitation, Wind, Wind direction, Pressure, Sunrise and sunset.



17 Responses to Weather Widgets

  1. gary faulkner says:

    I been waiting for a better widget for my G1 and this exceeds everything I ever wanted thanks alot

  2. pirracas77 says:


    Your widget is awesome!

    Do you need help with traslation to another language? (spanish)

  3. mooboo says:

    Nice, just what i was looking for. Can translate to danish if needed.

  4. Christian says:

    This is by far the best weather widget for Android! I only miss one thing: I would like for it show the temperature for right now. I’m Norwegian living in the US. Interesting getting my weather data from my old home country! :)

  5. Aaron says:

    I really like your widgets. I think it would be a great improvement to offer the choice between temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit. You’d probably get a lot more sales from US users.

    Thanks again!

  6. admin says:

    The application already supports this. Please open the Preferences screen and change your setting.

  7. L says:

    could you please add a setting to manually limit location updating to every x hours? i’m often moving around and don’t want the location to update all the time but only like once a day

  8. Pål says:

    Defiantly the best weather widget for Android. The date support on the 4×1 was very welcome, but would it be possible to add week numbers as well?

  9. João Rodrigues says:

    Any way of buying this outside the market? I wanted to pay via paypal…

  10. admin says:

    Sorry, not at the moment.

  11. Pål Gustav says:

    when you click the widget to get more details, it doesn’t display the current amount of rain per day. Otherwise brilliant!

  12. Kimbo Price says:

    The best weather widget there is. One of the few widgets I haven’t needed to modify in order to look -GREAT- ! I use Weather Widgets a lot in my setups ( But the one thing I miss is the clock using my system font instead of Clockopia. Also with so many widget options I think a few more can be added showing weather animations on the right side of the widget.

    Other than that: Great work, exceptional work! Keep it up.

  13. Gary says:

    Hi can you please add 6 hour temperature for the 4×1 typography clock? That will be useful. Maybe you can add support for current temperature too.

  14. Carel says:

    Nice app, good looking graphics. It would be nice if, at least, the widget would support Dutch. Mail me if you want a translation!!

  15. cosmo says:

    Day/Night view.

    Hi, I really love your widget. Nice, fast and simple! Is it possible to add a Day/Night forecast view for upcoming days ? Now you only have Day mode and then detailed 6-hour mode.

    So I need to use 4×1 6-hour widget in order to see the weather at night. It would be nice to have this possibility also in smaller widgets (2 temps; Day/Night)


  16. admin says:

    The application is availble in Android Market under the Weather category.

  17. admin says:

    German translation is on its way.